Friday, May 23, 2003

For those of us languishing in the land of overtime, it's good to know that I can fulfill my penance for my new jeans by working exactly 6 hours of overtime. But they say information is power, so in my selfless act of public service, make sure you know your rights in the workplace! At least 14 weeks of annual vacation time and 3 hour lunches! Hmmm. Things to do for me or for you this weekend. Watch Matrix 2. Hell, maybe I should get around to finally seeing Lord of the Rings 2...Is it still playing in theaters? Anywhere? My life as a cinematic fan is pretty sad. Tonite, fyi, at the Dactyl Foundation (64 Grand Street), skateboards ("Decks") painted by famous people. Shit, free beer and booze. You don't have to call....I'll be there.

Thursday, May 22, 2003

So my roommate, Kaizar, finally joined Friendster yesterday. His crush Angela looks SO HOT. You can find her on Friendster. The place where, as my friend Tony writes, you are connected to "each other for life."
A warning to contempo casual's (and music fans) new Idol, Ruben, from Jon Caramanica in Slate.

Tuesday, May 20, 2003

To anyone who wants to ship their kids to camp this summer...far, far away. Try the wonders that Alaska ("Home of Parents") can provide here.
Is this possible? Two days of great (albeit, sorta warm) weather? Am I dreaming? Craigslist Best Of Right Now: Dog kicking is NOT cool.

Monday, May 19, 2003

Everyone complains about how their hair never does what they want it to do....except Michael Jackson. See Here.
Another photo of my roommate, Kaizar.
Links for further amusement: fark.... Check out this article and link to video from wired
My friendster buddy, Kenny and I are sartorial conversationalist. And we have found a common ground over clothing. A great link here featuring the runway shots from most designers. Kenny is a particular fan of this choice designer. If you want to be known as Sebastian, you'll dig it too.
Roommate #2 Story 1: So my roommate #2 ("The Female") needs a boyfriend. If anyone has a guy friend out there who is very liberal-socialist leaning with an "adorable" but "slightly nerdy" demeanor. Please drop me a line and I will forward it to The Female. We could utilize the collective power of the internet and surely find Him out there for Her. It's possible, right? In the meantime, she has resorted to hooking up with a hook-up buddy. 2/03 The Female: I need a boyfriend. H--- keeps calling me. I hate him. 3/03 The Female: I need a boyfriend. H--- keeps calling me. I'm not going to call him back. 4/03 The Female: I need a boyfriend. H--- keeps calling me. Doesn't he realize I'm not going to call him? 5/18/03 Me: Hey [The Female]. How was your weekend? The Female: Good. Good. I saw H---. Me: Oh really? So you finally broke down? The Female: Well, I sorta ran into him. Me: Oh. [crickets chirping] Me: Um, so did you hook up with him? The Female: *sigh* yea......
My face for you to all admire or hurl things at.

Sunday, May 18, 2003

The weekend is nearly over. Unbelieveable. It's Sunday and the weather is gloomy. I'm still in bed. Weekends should be five days long and the weekday should be 2 days long. Could someone e-mail me and verify for me the rumors of the lax work days/hours in France and other European continental countries? My doings this weekend: Pretty calm as usual. No dates or any prospects for the future. But needless to say, the weekend was successful due to the discovery of EXCELLENT lasagna right across the street from my apartment. Delicious. Even deliciousness. SATURDAY: I got oddly drunk on many PBRs at my favorite bar, Botanica. Good stuff. Met up with a friend there who I haven't seen since New Years 2003. Unfortunately, I was also supposed to meet up with another friend there but because I was sitting in the very back of the bar, he didn't see me. So he left! Damn. This friend is hilarious though: In this current "tough" economy, he has in less than a year been hired and fired at both a law firm and an advertising firm. But what ev, he's going to Med School this fall.

Friday, May 16, 2003

Drinking water some argue has some medicinal and health benefits, but water can also be utilized as a source of masochist office fun. Your Mission: Drink at least six 1/2 liter Poland Spring (Evian is acceptable) bottles of water in an 8 hour work day. Move up to eight 1/2 liter bottles of water a day. Leave emptied water bottles on desk. Let them accumulate for a couple day. If you find your self with an hour left of work and you have only finished 5 bottles of water...YOU MUST still fulfill your quota. Watch the puzzled/horrorified look on co-workers face as you visit the WC every 15 minutes. My count so far today: Sadly, only 5.
Roomate Update: My roommate ("Kaizar") just called me at work. I think he just may have had an orgasm while telling me he saw Matrix: Reloaded last night. That bastard. I don't mean to ruin it for the rest of you who haven't seen it yet, but I guess Trinity dies in the end because her love for Neo is so strong she sacrifices herself to safe him or something. Whatev. Show me the special effects!! *Roommate works from home.
Back again to work at The Company, but it's alright because today is Friday. And you should all be proud of me: I showed up at 9:35 am. Right on time. Close enough at least. What is it about the mornings that make it impossible for me to get up in time to shower leisurely, make and eat breakfast and enjoy a nice walk to work? I don't know either. My Morning So Far 9:35 Get my usual two bottles of orange juice ("OJ"), my first bottle of Poland Spring water and a cup of hot chocolate. 10:00 Stare at computer. 10:05 Read MSNBC, CNN, Arts and Letters Daily, New York Times, Salon 10:10 Commence with Craigslist...more specifically, craigslist missing connection ("MC") note: In the minutes, hours and days to come, for your viewing pleasure, I will be summing up the day's Craigslist MC...a daily best of Craigslist MC if you will.

Thursday, May 15, 2003

So, I just returned from having enjoyed a rather hurried tour of downtown (ie.Financial District and Battery Park) Manhattan ("The City") today. This rare foray into the historical birth of The City was made possible by the good people at The Company who allowed the viewing to occur from the comforts of a Lincoln Towncar ("A Car") from which I pretended I was Anna Wintour .
It's amazing what motivation one can gain from the 30th floor in Midtown Manhattan while viewing the buildings across the street. No, that motivation isn't to try to break the glass ceiling at my firm ("The Company") nor is it trying to break the circle of poverty in my family by applying to law school....err...I mean breaking the circle of middle class consumerism (I, need an iPod). I have been motivated to begin my own blog ("The Blog"). Starting today, starting right now. Stay tuned for further adventures or at the least links.

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