Friday, May 16, 2003

Back again to work at The Company, but it's alright because today is Friday. And you should all be proud of me: I showed up at 9:35 am. Right on time. Close enough at least. What is it about the mornings that make it impossible for me to get up in time to shower leisurely, make and eat breakfast and enjoy a nice walk to work? I don't know either. My Morning So Far 9:35 Get my usual two bottles of orange juice ("OJ"), my first bottle of Poland Spring water and a cup of hot chocolate. 10:00 Stare at computer. 10:05 Read MSNBC, CNN, Arts and Letters Daily, New York Times, Salon 10:10 Commence with Craigslist...more specifically, craigslist missing connection ("MC") note: In the minutes, hours and days to come, for your viewing pleasure, I will be summing up the day's Craigslist MC...a daily best of Craigslist MC if you will.
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