Friday, May 23, 2003

For those of us languishing in the land of overtime, it's good to know that I can fulfill my penance for my new jeans by working exactly 6 hours of overtime. But they say information is power, so in my selfless act of public service, make sure you know your rights in the workplace! At least 14 weeks of annual vacation time and 3 hour lunches! Hmmm. Things to do for me or for you this weekend. Watch Matrix 2. Hell, maybe I should get around to finally seeing Lord of the Rings 2...Is it still playing in theaters? Anywhere? My life as a cinematic fan is pretty sad. Tonite, fyi, at the Dactyl Foundation (64 Grand Street), skateboards ("Decks") painted by famous people. Shit, free beer and booze. You don't have to call....I'll be there.
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