Sunday, May 18, 2003

The weekend is nearly over. Unbelieveable. It's Sunday and the weather is gloomy. I'm still in bed. Weekends should be five days long and the weekday should be 2 days long. Could someone e-mail me and verify for me the rumors of the lax work days/hours in France and other European continental countries? My doings this weekend: Pretty calm as usual. No dates or any prospects for the future. But needless to say, the weekend was successful due to the discovery of EXCELLENT lasagna right across the street from my apartment. Delicious. Even deliciousness. SATURDAY: I got oddly drunk on many PBRs at my favorite bar, Botanica. Good stuff. Met up with a friend there who I haven't seen since New Years 2003. Unfortunately, I was also supposed to meet up with another friend there but because I was sitting in the very back of the bar, he didn't see me. So he left! Damn. This friend is hilarious though: In this current "tough" economy, he has in less than a year been hired and fired at both a law firm and an advertising firm. But what ev, he's going to Med School this fall.
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