Tuesday, December 14, 2004


My friend Nicole (No link b/c she's a blog luddite yet I love her for religiously reading mine. Yea, I'm vane) sent me this article. I find this woman, at once inspiring and vomit inducing. Not quite sure which right now. Um.... Yea, vomit. That's vomit. The article:
A woman who weighed more than 300 pounds noticed something strange happening to her body. As she lost more than 60 pounds over several weeks without going on a diet, she said she could feel a large mass growing inside her. "It didn't feel normal," Grace Radtke said. "It was like a long pregnancy." After being encouraged by family members, she finally went for medical help that led to the removal of a 66-pound non-cancerous, ovarian tumor from her abdomen on Dec. 3 at University Hospital. "I can't believe that thing was in me," said Radtke, a grocery store deli counter worker in her early 40s who lives in Peebles in southern Ohio. Doctors in Hillsboro found a large mass, but could not determine whether it was cancerous and referred her to University Hospital. Doctors there found a mucinous ovarian tumor, one of several kinds of ovarian cysts. The tumors start when cells inside the walnut-sized ovaries grow out of control. There is no known cause in most cases. They can be triggered by family history, hormone imbalances, excess upper-body fat or other factors. About 85 percent of mucinous tumors are not cancerous, but they can become huge. Dr. Gregory Duma and his team removed the tumor in one piece in a one-hour operation. The team had to lift and roll the tumor so that surgeons could disconnect blood vessels feeding it from underneath. It took four sets of hands to lift the slippery, watermelon-shaped mass out of her body. Radtke came to the hospital wearing 245 pounds. When she went home on Friday, she weighed 160 pounds. "I'm just thankful I'm here," she said. Duma said the tumor could have been growing for up to five years. Hospital officials are not sure if the tumor is the largest removed in the region. Other ovarian tumors have topped 100 pounds.
The best or worst thing about this article is that...well there are so many, but what got me is that she had to be "encouraged" to get that thing removed. Encouraged. I freaked out last week and was all ready to go see the dentist when my tooth hurt a little for a few days. But then I guess that's the difference between her and me.
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