Friday, December 17, 2004

And Then There Were One

I am down to my final paper for the semester. That makes me happy. And I also received some tremendous news from the company that is currently in my burn book. That company being T-Mobile. And while Apple has appeared in that book a few times in the past, like an abused girlfriend, I keep running back to Apple because, well, because it's love. T-Mobile on the other hand...could eat shit. But I was under the impression that I was under contract with them until next summer which would blow Canadian chunks. However, upon inquiring, I was told that I am no longer under contract with them. BOO. YAH. I will be switching over to Verizon at the end of January. And relatedly, I'm pretty fucking excited about a mobile phone from a joint Apple and Motorola venture. Dat's right. A fucking Apple cell phone. According to Forbes:
Apple Computer and Motorola could soon show us the mobile phone they are developing to play music purchased from Apple's iTunes online music store. "We've said we have something coming on this in the first half of 2005 and we're definitely on schedule for that. Hopefully you'll be able to see more about it soon," says Eddy Cue, vice president in charge of applications at Apple Cue says. "It has to be a phone in the middle-tier of the market, not a $500-tier phone. It has to be very seamless to use. And we're very happy with the results." Apple announced its intentions to bring music from its iTunes Music Store to Motorola mobile phones on July 26. Jobs appeared at Motorola's suburban Chicago headquarters by video link at an event hosted by Motorola Chairman and CEO Edward Zander. At the event, Jobs took pains to point out that the phone would not compete with Apple's popular iPod music player, but should viewed as an iPod accessory. "Wouldn't it be great if you could take a dozen of your favorite songs with you" on a cell phone, Jobs said at the time.
Let the waiting game begin. Oh, and T-Mobile: EAT SHIT. You don't know me. You don't know my address.
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