Sunday, December 12, 2004

Bizarro World

Working on my paper until....6:30 AM. Went outside (ahhhh, fresh oxygen) to Pinnacle and bought a breakfast sandwich and medium coffee, half and half and three spoons of sugar. They make it real sweet. Walked back to library. Inhaled food and coffee. Attempted to do more work. Nothing. Grabbed my laptop and tossed it into my backpack. 6:45 AM. Walked downstairs and hailed a downtown headed cab to go back to my apartment 16 blocks away. Green lights all the way. 4 dollar fare. Walked into room 6:50 AM. Looked at bed. Bed calls my name and whispers sweet nothings to me. I turn away, strip, and head into the shower. Heaven. Dried off. Couldn't resist siren call of bed and down comforter. Rested my eyes. Need rest. But need to finish paper even more. Get up. Get up. Get up. But the bed is so comfortable. And my eyes need rest. Get up. Get up. Got up. Dressed. Polo on. Collar's up. Jeans buttoned. Wallet. Check. Keys. Check. Cell phone. Check. Walk downstairs. 8:00 AM. Round corner. Legs can't walk any more than a block or two. Maybe. Hail another cab. Drop me off at 114th. 4 dollar fare. Green light all the way. Show ID to door guard. In elevator. What's this? $20 dollar bill just laying there on the floor of the elevator. Proverbial "what-if-you-found-a-suitcase-full-of-money-on-the-side-of-the-road-what-would-you-do" questions run through my head. I'm running out of food money. Fuck it. I need that money. Cab fares aside. Extra skip in my step. Even a tiny skip-to-my-lou. See another library regular (Columbia law) on her way out. I see her more than I see well, practically everyone. It's 8 AM. Collar's up.
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