Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Blazing iBook and Other News

I'm such a dork. My dad bought me a 512 MB RAM memory chip for my two-month old iBook. My laptop is fucking beastly now with 768 MB RAM total. Thanks Dad! Anyway, before I left to come home, I got to hang out with Jess for a couple days which was groovy. We ate at some kick-ass restaurants: That-Korean-Restaurant-With-The-Fountain-And-Piano-In-KTown and Smith & Wollansky's. So. Fucking. Good. K-Town Action: So effing hungrrrry...WHERE'S MY FOOD!!! Jess enjoying her imaginary food I'm sooo full Stomach about to burst...yet must keep eating... White bowls...yea The Aftermath Verdict: TASTY The Next Day: Smith and Wollensky's: I used to live one two blocks away from this steak house and I can't believe I never ate there. So. Fucking. Good. BEEF Dessert! Verdict: TASTY (but not as good as Peter Luger's) Afterwards, we walked over to say hi to my ol' roommate and buddy, Kaizar who was sick with the post-flu. On a side note: Ladies of my website: If you get hot and bothered by Kaizar, let me assure you he is very single and available. If you do not yet have a date for the various holiday parties, contact me to set you up with him. He is single, bathes frequently, and has spending cash. Kaizar showing off his new iPod headphones (See above about spending cash) Kaizar the Terrorist
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