Tuesday, December 07, 2004

The Burn List

This lame rainy weather plus finals is putting me in an ill mood. Ergo, here is a list of things I hate. 1. Wet blue jeans. Itchy.* 2. The current POTUS. 3. The lingering smell of onions after digesting them. 4. Uggs. 5. Delis that do not cut the sandwich cleanly in half, leaving the bottom half of the uncut. 6. Pushy old Asian women in the line for the Chinatown buses. 7. T-Mobile. 8. People. * Although maybe it's good my blue jeans got soaked because it's not as if I've washed them in the year 2004. That is all for now. More burning later. Speaking of burning, this is what I looked like after getting sun burned for the first time this past summer. Red:
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