Thursday, December 16, 2004

Can I Get Some Caterade?

I'm thinking about doing some catering next semester for some extra pocket cash. You know, to keep up with my bling lifestyle up here in Morningside Heights. Yea, I run M2M. I want to work for one of these catering outfits that handle events held at department stores like Saks, and other society functions. The only criteria it seems for their caterers is that they be decently attractive and since I'm ridiculously good looking: I figure I could be some eye candy for some gay and old society scene-y people with an Asian fetish like Andrew Sullivan. Gawd knows, I need the money. Especially if I'm going to treat myself to an iPod on Saturday... And if they require smoldering, I got that too (I've been working on it all year): So my friends and randomn readers: Do any of ya'll know of any cool and chill catering companies that I could apply to? Thanks. Peace in the Middle East.
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