Wednesday, December 22, 2004


Congrats are in order as the year 2004 grinds to an end. Congrats to me for finishing my first semester of grad school at Columbia University; I just finished my final paper for this semester. Congrats to me for getting my first "A" at Columbia: Booyakasha!. *Nervously awaiting my other grades...* (Thanks to Emily for keeping me sane in the library, Kristina for the the FYI about the printing room and the lady in the library cafe for those free cups of coffee) Congrats to everyone else who are finished with finals, awaiting year-end bonuses, et cetera. But most importantly, congrats to my good friend Kevin Z and his groovy long-term girlfriend for their engagement. I hope we all end up as happy as these two always are. Kevin, I know your Playstation 2 is still broken, but at least she said yes. I've never been to a wedding my entire life, so I best be invited to this one. I didn't eat at Loui's back in Providence with you all those times for nothing. Soon to be married happy couple And while we are on such a happy note...a few more pictures of my awesome and super duper cute dogs: Brinkley sleeping on the dog couch: Yea, the dogs are maddd spoiled Annie: She's the baby of the group at 2-years-old MY dog. Rudy. So perfectly adorable and cuddly! Annie shaking my dad's hand (My parents don't like their pictures being taken) Der? Annie
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