Sunday, December 26, 2004

Cooking Brought To You By Costco

One of the more enjoyable things about being home for me is finding all the random shit the parents have bought since my absence. I may document it later, but I've noticed a potentially unhealthy number of products from The Sharper Image. But this book I noticed earlier today tops them all: Um, yea. That's "Easy Cooking...The Costco Way Sheesh. Costco...You can't buy toothbrush there. Nope. You have to buy 20 and the package often will give you "one free" on top of that. Muffins are about the size of two fists combined. Peanut butter is sold in gallon drums. Gawd. I love that place. Anyhoo, I imagine the recipes are something like this: 10 gallons of water 5 lbs of sugar 40 Tollhouse chocolate chip cookies 25 lbs. of flour Serves...4 cookies.
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