Saturday, December 04, 2004

DAMN THE MAN QUOTA BACK IN PRINT UPDATE: Xanga Cry For Help Success Story Thanks to K (No, not Kaizar. A different "K"), I got my printing and Lexis-Nexis on tonight. It was practically orgasmic. And all it took were a few Werther's Originals. OOOhhh, damn, that's a hot ad tag. Henceforth..."And All It Took Were A Few Werther's Originals" has a big fat MRod copyright stamp. I fucking hate Columbia's printing allotment for grad students. How the hell am I supposed to get all my research papers done when I can only print 20 gawd damn pages a week. Yes, 20 pages a week is all I am allowed to print unless I want to pony up more money to the Columbia slush fund. In the past 10 minutes, printing two articles and my outline (Yes, that's with double-sided printing) ate up practically my entire quota for the week. And it's only Tuesday. Fuck me. UPDATE: XANGA CRY FOR HELP In my undergrad days at Brown, I had practically unlimited photocopying access due to a certain....uh, department card that was passed down to me. Likewise, I feel that Columbia Univ MUST have some secret unlimited printer somewhere or some method to bypass that damn quota. I'd be forever grateful if anyone could pass on that knowledge. In exchange, I have a bountiful supply of delicious Werther's Original candies at my carrel.
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