Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Goin' Goin' Back to Anchorage

After a two year long absence, the prodigal son is returning home for his holiday break. I was sitting here having just finished writing and editing a 27 page paper. And suddenly I felt that empty feeling that only "home" can replenish. Frankly, I've never really felt that way about home or Alaska before. It was a very eerie emotion. I hope everything is alright with my parents' health and our dogs, especially RUDY. Rudy, FYI, is potentially the cutest dog in the planet. In a litter of four Golden Retriever puppies in the spring of 1998, Rudy was the slowest to open his eyes and develop. I used to lie down in the pup pen doing my calculus homework while the puppies crawled all over me. I think if there was a heaven, that's what it would be like. Anyhoo, I'm uber-excited about seeing Rudy again. So tentatively, I am leaving on Dec. 20th...from Newark...and returning Dec. 28th. I'm not too thrilled about the Newark aspect of the itinerary; it takes me an hour to get to La Guardia as it is. Gawd damn New Jersey will probably add...three hours to my trip each way. Unless I get a ride to the airport from my baby boo.
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