Thursday, December 09, 2004

I'm Rich, Bitch

Aite, I don't know this kid that well, aside from what I've heard from his ex's that I happened to become friends with later or meet randomly. And of course, from what they've said, he's a real jackass or to that effect. And a couple things I've heard...are pretty asshole moves (Dude, I know about your "excel spreadsheet"...hilarious...if you think you're Stifler)...But we all have guy friends we'll die for even though we know others think of him as the biggest a-hole in town. You know those bankers you see in downtown Manhattan bars? Where everything is about a contest and money to them? "Let's do a shot, dude!" "DOUBLE shot, man!" "You're on!!! 8 ROUNDS!! YO BARTENDER!!" "YEA!!!!" I mean, if anything, I appreciate their willingness to buy rounds. Like Seinfeld, Not that there's anything wrong with that... But that's exactly what he seems to be like. Again, I'm not critical of him for that: I can appreciate money; I can appreciate competition. And of course, a couple of my best friends happen to be successful NYC bankers. I never let the negativity from his former girlfriends cloud my opinion about him which was completely neutral. I understand every side has an issue. I read his blog when he updated it occasionally. Sometimes amusing. Sometimes not. But they never pushed me towards one direction or another about him. But after his most recent entry, I now categorize him as a fucking jerk. Judge for yourself (this is what he wrote):
I feel bad for my cleaning lady sometimes, well not really. The night before she comes, Me and my roommate usually play a game called, “Who can be a bigger slob” Since we know that she’s going to have to clean up whatever mess we leave, we attempt to “out-slob” each other. I will cook a huge dinner and use every possible pot, pan, skillet, plate, cup, even the George Foreman grill even when it’s unnecessary. This forces her to wash a shit load of dishes when she comes in the morning. Also a few days before she arrives, we stop throwing out the trash create something we call the “garbage can camp fire”, its like a camp fire except you have a garbage can surrounded by take out dinners, some beer bottles, a juice carton, and lots of napkins that fell out. I “out-slobbed” my roommate last time by strategically spashing bleu cheese all over the panels of the fridge. I told her the salad dressing container exploded…LOL she was like “si, comprende”
Yea, that's really cool, man! The next time you order that "Spicy Tuna" from Go Sushi...that sauce will be extra "special" for you. And by special, I mean, jizz sauce.
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