Sunday, December 05, 2004

Is That Lettuce Stuck Between Your Teeth? No, It's Jesus Christ!

As we near the day celebrating the birth of ostentatious corporate consumerism Jesus Christ, holy symbols are poppin' up everywhere. We had the Mary In a Toast (I looked for that at the diner tonight, but no go) a couple weeks back. And now this. In what will be the easiest punchline of a borderline offensive joke in years, a "devout Christian" man,a priest, and a rabbie walked into a bar walked into a dentist office for a routine exam and walked out with an X-ray of his tooth with what appears to be an image of the son of God himself imprinted on it: In possibly the greatest quote of the year, the man remarked that that he had "never before seen Jesus in an X-ray." That makes the two of us, dude... I must say though, that his Second Coming has been...well, not to be blasphemous, underwhelming. I don't know what this means, although my tooth has been hurting slightly the past day or two. Maybe it's a message that I need to go see a dentist now that I have medical insurance and all. Or maybe it's a message that I need to convert or else more pain will ensue. ... Psych! The only converting that'll be going on is forcing a certain someone to convert into a Mac user. Can I get a "Wat? Wat?" ...or eprops... from all my Mac users out there? Ipod lovers feel free as well. I'm actually considering going home now (Alaska, Holla!) during my winter break just because I know my parents will force me to go to the dentist and the eye doctor for new prescriptions; I'm coasting currently on two-year-old lenses and contacts. At least "X-ray Jesus" will give enough material to that jackass Jay Leno for the next couple weeks.
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