Thursday, December 09, 2004

iTunes By Julia Stiles

Since no one reads this least right now (Future forcast for viewership? Bleak), I feel confident in revealing this here. I'm constantly at Butler Library, especially considering it is finals right now. I'm a huge Mac dork and so I use the iTunes program on my iBook. Since, I"m on a college network, there a lot of other kids using iTunes who share their playlists. Randomly inspired by seeing Julia Stiles earlier today and because it seems potentially feasible, I changed the name of my playlist to "JuliaStilesMusic." Within 30 minutes, people listening to my playlist jumped from zero to 5 people...and six by the end of the hour. This is a very interesting correlation. Before the name change, the most I've ever had listen to my music were two people. Now, that number doubles or triples after changing the playlist name. My theory? People really do think this is Julia Stile's playlist. People believe what they want to believe. Hence, the evidence seems to suggest the moderate possibility of this playlist really belonging to Julia Stiles: 1. She attends Columbia University (Fact). 2. She goes to the library (Fact). 3. She needs to study at some point for her classes (Fact). Hence it is a possibility she may be studying from some hidden carrel in the library. Now consider, the following assumptions: 1. She listens to music. 2. She uses iTunes 3. She uses her iTunes while connected to the Internet 4. She may not know about the share feature of iTunes...or may not know/care how to turn it off. Okay, but what about the fact anyone with some computer skills (eg. Monkey) knows how to alter the name of the shared playlist including the music other people may access ? And obviously Julia Stiles, like most celebrity shunning unwanted publicity, would not name her playlist "JuliaStiles." Ahhh, right. Here is where I insert the above statement about people believe what they want to believe. Certainly one can change the playlist name. Yet, many people might now know how to do that or that they can do that. And consequently, it could be conceivable that people may think "JuliaStilesMusic" might be the default playlist name which the computer arrived at when she had to register her new laptop. Of course, all this is conjecture. My intent was to illuminate people's celebrity stalking tendencies. If that playlist said, "MattRodMusic" no one would listen to it. But JUST because it says "JuliaStilesMusic," people are listening to it. Is it working? Do people truly believe this may be her playlist? Exhibit A: The above IM statement was received from a friend by the only other person who knows the truth behind the playlist in question. Her friend completely thought it was Julia Stiles' music list. Exhibit B:
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