Saturday, December 11, 2004

Late Night Funnies

I'm rocking out to my Chinatown Circa 1900 paper and listening to ma' music...which includes Chris Rock. His shit is that much funnier when you're practically delirious at 4 AM. Just remember, no matter what the stripper says, there's no sex in the champagne room.
If a woman tells you she's 20 and looks 16, she's 12. If she tells you she's 26 and looks 26, she's damn near 40. If a homeless person has a funny sign, he hasn't been homeless that long. A real homeless person is to hungry to be funny. If a girl has a pierced tongue, she'll probably suck your dick. If a guy has a pierced tongue, he'll probably suck your dick. Here's a horoscope for everyone- Aquarius- you're gonna die Capricorn- you're gonna die Gemini- you're gonna die twice Leo- you're gonna die Scorpio- you're gonna die fuckin If you've been dating a guy for 4 months and haven't met any of his friends, you are not his girlfriend.
Happy holidays everyone.
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