Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Leaving On A Jet Plane Back to New York City

So my 8 day visit back home to my 'rents place in Anchorage, Alaska is coming to an end in a few hours. I have a sweet (NOT) midnight flight from Anchorage to New York City via Salty Mormon City and Newark, New Dirty Jersey. It's been an incredibly relaxing trip. Didn't go out; mainly played with the dogs. Like Jess said, it really was like a petting zoo in my parents' house. And as she also noticed from the pictures from all week, I only, uh, brought with me two shirts I wore over and over this entire visit. I hadn't been home in two years and I rarely phone my parents as it is. I talk to them maybe...once every two or three months, and generally that occurs because I either need something (see entry two months ago when laptop "died" aka I spilled coffee all over it) or if they need to ask me a question. I came home hoping for a progress or maturing in my relationship with my parents. My relationship with my father has definitely improved starting...around my senior year in college. And it's pretty darn cool now. I shared a beer with him or rather we each had our own beers which we drank while talking to each other. That is pretty cool. Due to health issues my father has been struggling with for about...oh 20 years, I've hardly ever seen him touch a drop of alcohol. That's not to say he never drank when he was younger. He was a jock in high school and then joined the military at the age of 18 and ultimately ended up in Vietnam. Not to generalize, but you don't experience those three lifestyles without doing a wee bit of the drinking. But since I came around, I've rarely seen him drink. Maybe a beer once a year or something. And even then, that beer is of the O'Douls variety (aka non-alcoholic). So imagine my surprise when two days ago, as we were sitting around the living room in the early afternoon when he remarks, "I can understand why people become alcoholics." Finding that statement rather random, I turned to him and asked why. He leans back in his leather ottoman and says, "Because I just had a shot of tequila and all my pain went away." My mother, who is the living embodiment of a moral Judge Dredd, replies, "WHAT?!?!" So my dad and I start talking about liquors. And then, he gets up and goes into the kitchen. I hear him call my name and I walk into the kitchen to see my dad standing at the counter with a fucking treasure trove of premium liquor bottles. He didn't have these 50 or even 90 dollar bottles that are supposed to be "premium." No. He points to his tequila and says, "This is some good shit. Cost me 300 dollars." And he has scotch, cognac, all costing hundreds. He points to one particular cognac still wrapped in its packaging and says, "I won't tell you how much this is, but...when I die, I want everyone at my funeral to take a pull from this bottle. I want it to be a party." He pulls out a cognac bottle and asks, "Want some?" My dad and I then watch some football while sipping cognac. He had listened to me complain earlier about my shitty roommates and with half the cognac left, he lifts the glass to me and says, "Here's to hoping you have a new address" and downs the rest of the drink. That was just a very cool moment for me. As for my mother...She is still infuriatingly annoying as ever...enough to remind me why I don't come home or call home very often. But I love her. Why are moms so annoying? That said, I did what I've been doing for the past 7 years and that is keep my interaction with my mom to a minimum. Anyhoo. It snowed about an additional two inches last night. I would have gone out to take pictures because it was mad pretty outside...but uh, I dislike the cold immensely. So I took some photos from inside the house. This is taken from the kitchen window above the sink where I was washing dishes. Very pretty view: And these are my neighbors across the street: And lastly, of course, some more photos of The Dogs. The funniest thing about Rudy whom I consider "mine," is that he has funny birthmarks on his tongue of all places. When they developed when he was a puppy seven years ago, my parents thought my sister had marked his tongue with a black marker: Rudy and his black spotted tongue. So cute! Brinkley curled up like a cat. Speaking of cats, my parents are getting a cat this week. And this is me (wearing the same clothing...again) cuddling with Annie while watching Monday Night Football: Annie, in a rare moment of not causing havoc, taking a nap Anyhoo. Flight: Delta Air Lines flight 1776 (Non-Stop) Depart: Anchorage, AK (ANC) - Terminal Information Unavailable Tue, Dec 28 at 12:45am Arrive: Salt Lake City, UT (SLC) - TERMINAL UNIT 2 Tue, Dec 28 at 7:31am Flight: Delta Air Lines flight 1022 (Non-Stop) Depart: Salt Lake City, UT (SLC) Tue, Dec 28 at 8:20am Arrive: Newark, NJ (EWR) - TERMINAL B Tue, Dec 28 at 2:39pm See ya'll soon.
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