Sunday, December 26, 2004

More Rodriguez Dogs!

I know, I know. MORE dog pictures! If you don't like 'em...well...bugger off! It's my website. So I bought our dogs a toy for Christmas this year: It's a tongue shaped tug-n-pull dog toy I had some fun playing with it with Rudy: Mine! But he got sick of playing with it sooner than I did: "No more" No worries tho. Annie, the baby of the bunch who always gets in everyone's face, wanted it for reals: GRRRRRR...My hands hurt b. She's a solid 80 lbs of muscle pulling. Good resistance work out And then Brinkley, the elder, wanted in on the fun: Brinkley (right) and Annie face off They finally calm down...except Annie (standing with bone in mouth): More!! And this is Rudy again, my favorite and bestest pal: Groovy dog These are just SOME of the toys that the dogs have access to all day: They are spoiled rotten
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