Monday, December 06, 2004

One Down

Just completed one of four papers due by the end of this week or by next Monday. Currently, I feel like the way Michael Jordan musta felt after coming back from his stint in minor league baseball: Not as much leap to his feet, but with an unstoppable fadeaway. Bank it. I may also be feeling that way because I'm drinking more coffee in the past two days than in my life combined. I walked outside of the library at 10 PM tonight to get dinner (I hadn't left since 4 PM). Got me a roast beef sandwich. Now I know many of ya'll have heard my complaints about the shitty food around the Columbia campus. Well, it's still shitty. But that sandwich was mighty satisfying. Too bad I lost my nuts walking outside to get that sandwich. It is fucking cold. Since I'm in a public place where other people can view my laptop screen, I've decided against going onto Google Image search and typing in "Frozen Nuts." Who knows what'll pop up. So here, use your imagination: [Image.Frozen.Balls.jpg] And what's the point of umbrellas when the rain is coming at you....sideways and from the ground up? Although I'm not sure which I prefer more, getting slowly soaked by "misty rain"* or wallowing in the smell that is the 4th Floor of Butler Library. I never thought I'd say this about a library, but damn. Butler, you stink. *Incidentally, "Misty Rain" is the name of a porn star my friends and I visited back in college around...2001 at an "Adult" entertainment store. As we positioned ourselves (There were...six of us, I think) around "Misty" for the polaroid picture, she grabbed my nuts. If I hadn't lost them back then...well, thanks to the arctic New York City weather, I've lost them tonight. That photo is around somewhere (Allan, I think you have it). Anyhoo, I'd rather be doing some of this instead:
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