Sunday, December 26, 2004

X-Mas Aftermath

Hope everyone had a nice Christmas. I'm feeling a bit uninspired right now...mainly cause I'm effing lazy. I've only registered for one class for next semester and I just did that last Tuesday. A course with Gary Okihiro which I'm actually kinda pumped about I think. But yea. Uninspired. Although, my interest has been piqued -- piqued I say -- at this deal from Citibank for a free mini-Ipod: The only catch is that you have to open a new account with a minimum $2500 deposit. :/ But as some students like me get a fatty check at the start of each semester, I will most likely do this in january when I get my check for the second semester at CU. I may still buy a 20 gig regular iPod tho. My lack of an iPod has resulted in certain challenges from some people regarding my devotion to the religion of Apple. A normal iPod, a mini iPod, and a new iBook ought to to help me reclaim my legitimacy. Anyway, I got some nice and useful gifts for Xmas that I've been meaning to buy for myself but had been too cheap to do so... Although, what I'd really like is some super killer lyrical skills..and possibly flow. ... I've been really tired all day. My dad is really funny: He HATES crowds, so whenever he does shopping, be it grocery shopping or otherwise, he likes to get to stores EARLY. And by early, I mean before the sun rises. So he had promised during my visit to get me some necessities like socks and such (Those basic things are effing expensive...I'd rather spend my money on...drinks). But that meant having to get up early. Last night I went to bed around 3 AM. He wakes me up at 9 AM asking me if I'm ready to go. Anyway, this is me exhausted and effing tired: I am NOT happy: morning grumpiness I did get my socks and stuff. Sweetness. ... Dog Photo Du Jour This is the bone of a mammoth I hunted the other day while dog sledding I made an iMovie quicktime video of Annie ripping this bone to shreds but I can't figure out how to load it up into my ftp Columbia server. If any of ya'll know how to do this, some help would be sincerely appreciated.
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