Saturday, December 04, 2004

XANGA STUDY BREAK Top Five Most Unlikely Hidden Tracks from Lindsay Lohan's Upcoming Album
• Fuck You, Hilary • Hilary, Eat Shit and Die, Shithead • Speak (Hilary Duff is a Skank-Ass Ho Motherfucker) • 2L (Eat Shit If Your Name Rhymes with Bilary) • Fat Arms
Rappers I Thought Were Asian
• Lil' Kim • J-Kwon • Ying Yang Twins • Chingy • Yung Wun • RZA
Random Fucking Thoughts at 4:30 AM
• I had the best gawddamn Koran Korean food for dinner tonight. • I smell like Korean food right now. • I need more money. • ....Nothing. I've got nothing else on my mind at this hour....
Signing off, Peace in the Middle East
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