Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Eyes Closed Shut

Damn, this sounds painful and nasty:
Best not to keep glue in the refrigerator -- accidents can happen. Take the case of Aussie Terry Horder. When the 78-year-old great-grandmother's eyes began to water, she opened her fridge and reached for her allergy eye drops. Instead, Horder accidentally grabbed her Loctite 401 instant glue, kept in the fridge to avoid heat damage, and squirted the adhesive into her eyes. After a trip to her local hospital's emergency ward, however, the sticky situation was resolved. Nurses used vegetable oil to try and remove the glue, which had fused Horder's lashes together and seeped under the lids. "They soaked my eyes for around five minutes and then tried to pry the lashes apart, which wasn't pleasant," she said. "But about 10 minutes later I was good as new."

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