Wednesday, January 26, 2005

He's All Growns Up, He's All Growns Up

It's my birthday today, bitches. (My birthday party info at end of entry) As my friend Jenn likes to repeatedly remind me, I've now lived a quarter of a century. I have the same birthday (Jan. 26th) with the following celebs: Kirk Franklin   Wayne Gretzky  Anita Baker   Ellen DeGeneres  Eddie Van Halen   Lucinda Williams   Gene Siskel  Angela Davis  Scott Glenn  Bob Uecker  Jules Feiffer  Paul Newman   Anne Jeffreys  Douglas MacArthur Yay. But who the fuck are some of these people? Celebs, my ass. Anyhoo. Thanks to Kaizar - the Kumar to my Harold - for sending out a birthday party invite. His e-mail invite:
for all the moving he's done in his life (korea, alaska, providence, new york, st. louis, new york), matt's a seriously lazy dude. he doesn't 'leave' the UWS, rather he makes an annual 'migration' downstream, like some frickin' salmon (must be an alaskan thing). On saturday night (1/29), matt's making the trip again to lay his 25-year-old eggs at the traditional nesting ground, Botanica. Come out and watch the spectacle 10pm onward. it'll be a good time guaranteed. Botanica is at 47 Houston St. (between Mott & Mulberry St.)

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