Sunday, January 02, 2005

Hip Hop's Big and Small Hits

Page Six starts off the new year strong with this feature:
HIP-hop hoochies are spilling all the dishy details about rappers and athletes they've supposedly bedded - including Jay-Z, Allen Iverson, Method Man and Jadakiss - in the new issue of Ozone magazine. The ghetto-fried glossy - which bills itself as "The Southern Voice of Hip-Hop Music" - surveyed a group of anonymous groupies about their carnal conquests in its new "Sex Issue." A woman who suppsedly bedded Jay-Z years ago, just after he released his seminal "Reasonable Doubt" album, said the future superstar's rap with the ladies left something to be desired. "He told me I looked like I had a [bleep]able mouth, which I thought was probably the most disrespectful [bleep] I'd ever heard," she said. The hip-hop trollop described Jay-Z as "boring" in the bedroom, even though his manhood was "the biggest you will ever see in your life. Huge. Like a one-liter Pepsi bottle. It could block out the sun." She claimed that during their affair, Jay-Z lavished her with "two fur coats, diamond earrings and cash all the time," adding, "sometimes he'd give me money and I hadn't even done anything!" Another groupie said she was left wanting by her one-night stand with basketball star Iverson. "He had the littlest, ashiest [bleep] I've ever seen," she said. "It wasn't even worth taking my clothes off for." Perceptions differ, however: a different groupie called the magazine reporting that Iverson was "great" in bed, but did not want to be quoted in the article. Method Man was described as "a beast in bed, he likes to spank and tell you to lay down, do this, do that ... He likes to pull your hair." Jadakiss was dissed as a "minuteman" between the sheets by another contributor to the article, who added, "It might have been a fluke. I just don't know how it happened that fast. He's gotta be able to last with somebody." Ray Benzino, the rapper and co-owner of The Source magazine, was lauded as "freaky as hell" in the sack by one former flame, who added, "He'll do it anyway you want."

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