Friday, January 14, 2005

Lame Actually

I was pretty exhausted last night, but before falling asleep, I decided to make one last round through the movie channels. I ended up somehow watching Love Actually from beginning to end and finally going to bed at 3 AM. I am such a girl. This movie reminds me of a moment I had with my "boys" during college. We were all walking back up the massive hill to the campus from a movie downtown at the Providence Place Mall and for some reason, the film, Notting Hill came up in the conversation. I don't remember who said it first, but someone in the group said, "Oh, I liked that movie." We all turned and looked at him. And then, I believe it was a tall lanky kid from Alabama who we called CK1 said, "Um yea, I kinda liked that movie as well." An awkward pause ensued. Then, one by one, we each added the fact we liked Notting Hill. "My name is Matthew Rodriguez. And I have a problem. I like Notting Hill." "Is that all?" "No, Love Actually as well."
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