Saturday, January 22, 2005

A (Lazy) Man's Got To Eat

So I can be extremely lazy about leaving my apartment, particularly during...a blizzard. Further, as much I love food and er, eating food, I can also be extremely lazy about that as well. I have a bad habit of waiting until the very late late last minute before finally grabbing some food. OH, also I'd like to make clear (as some of you know), I don't cook. At all. I hate cooking. Consequently, the combination of my unwillingness to cook, laziness regarding leaving the apartment, having no cash for delivery food and this ridiculous blizzard pounding New York right now makes for a potential fatal result for Matteo. I have about 12 packages of Ramen...but no pot, bowl, silverware with which to cook and eat it with. I clearly needed more food and equally important, kitchenware. I mean, I'm only one man. How can I fight against this alone?: I've known about this snowstorm since yesterday. I even woke up this morning when there was nary a snowflake outside my window. Did I get dressed and go out and buy the necessary goods? No. Instead, I lounged around in the comforts of my bed and watched Ghostbusters Deuce on Comedy Central. At the end of the movie, a few inches of snow had already fallen outside with more on the way. So I finally got up, bundled up and left. 20 minutes later, I came back with the following bounty: Yea, I don't plan on doing much entertaining this semester, what with my one cup, one bowl, and one plate I purchased.
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