Sunday, January 02, 2005


I'm still on vacation, yea, so that means I'm still on full lazy mode. So it's only with the greatest of effort that I uploaded and am now posting these pictures from my New Year's night. In the cab ride down to the bar on 36th Street (fergot the name...), I noticed this guy selling fake handbags in front of the Louis Vuitton Store on Fifth Ave...All the cops must be in Times Square: Earlier that night, in preparation for the festivities, I bought me some Elton John inspired party glasses: 2005 BABY! Woohoo! I'm readay to partay And then in the cab to the party, I realized I left those glasses back in my apartment. I was not happy about that: Noooooooooo After crying for about 10 minutes, it was merely dirt off ma' shoulders (none Linkin Park remix) and I got my celebrating on with Jess and friends: Jess, Me and Jess's older bro, Peter honoring the arcade classic, Time Crisis Dan '01 and his friend Melissa '02 and her "friend" Dana and her "friend" who looks a lot like Gary Sinise aka Lieutenant Dan from Forrest Gump Me and Jess
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