Saturday, January 08, 2005

Saint Louis Update

So I've been finishing off my vacation period here (Yo Nick! Three weeks of vacation time, BEEYATCH!) in Saint Louis -- will be back in NYC on the 17th of January. It snowed last night here, which I found crazy. I find it bizarre that I still find snow "fascinating" in every other state except for Alaska, where when it dumps 4 feet of snow overnight, my reaction is so ... blah. But if it snows two inches, such as it did last night here in Saint Louis, Missouri, I behave as if it's the storm of the century. Anyhoo, I took some pictures. Jess likes the color red Trying to catch some snow Um, more snow! Because of my Big Hair, snow that lands on my head do not melt, but rather just start piling up on the tip of my hair We drove to a place for sushi. It was good. Yummy But other than sleeping, watching tv, and eating, we've been obsessed with one game, Metal Slug 3 for the Xbox -- Yea, I brought my Xbox down; it is my vacation after all. Upwards of four people can play this depending on how many warm bodies and controllers are available. This is the perfect game in particular for people, er, girls, who complain about the complexitity of video games and controls today to join in on the fun. This game is fucking hard as hell, but it's really fun. We've been wasting hours on it. I used to play the arcade version occasionally at "The Gate" on Pembroke Campus (Emory Wooley, Wat wat!).
oh that sushi looks so good.. I need to get out of this smallish university town and to an urban center for some sushi NOW!

(you go from sushi to NYC, it's not very fair at all!)
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