Saturday, January 08, 2005

Send 'Em To Amsterdam

So one of my favorite movies from 2004 was Harold and Kumar. Seriously. Don't mock. While its plot - potheads get the munchies, goes in search of perfect munchies, wackyness ensues - was not a seminal development in comedies, nevertheless its two lead protagonists made the movie a groundbreaking event for the simple fact that it removed racial minorities away from the common and oft-repeated ad nauseam trope of minorities as the stereotypical side-kick to the white protagonist, at best, and at worst, portraying some marginal character. As Stephanie Zacharek wrote:
And from now on, whenever you see a teen comedy, you'll have a new game to play: "Spot the Nonwhite Sidekick Tucked In to Show How Progressive a Filmmaker Is." Leiner has changed the rules, so deftly that people almost didn't notice.
Harold and Kumar is the first film from Hollywood to get away from that while making a movie that was funny, enjoyable, and ultimately refreshing. And this is the direction Hollywood needs to take its films. As this country becomes more and more diverse, that is non-white, the white male executives that sit at the top and make decisions ranging from green-lighting scripts, development deals, and casting need to understand that lead roles no longer need to be white. And the only language they understand is money, so if you liked Harold and Kumar, instead of downloading it or even if you already "have" it, please go buy the dvd edition that just came out. If you didn't like the movie...well, buy the dvd for a friend. If you don't, then you're racist. As many of you are aware, dvd sales are a huge player now in the movie industry, and like so many other comedies, this is a chance to let your voice be heard in Hollywood.
Actors John Cho and Kal Penn confirm that they've signed on for two sequels to 2004's comedy "Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle" in which they play the titular stoner buddies on a mission to soothe their pot-induced cravings with the fast food chain's signature sliders. "'Harold and Kumar Go to Amsterdam' is being written as we speak," Penn, 27... "Whether or not it's going to be made depends on the financial receipts from DVD sales and rentals," he adds. "There will be a very direct correlation -- so please don't download our film off the Internet. If you liked the movie, please rent or buy it -- it'll assure that we'll bring you another one next year."
Send 'em to Amsterdam! On a personal note, I've been in Saint Louis for the past few days spending some quality time with the girlfriend. Will be back in NYC on the 17th.
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