Thursday, January 27, 2005

Sharing The Music

One of the greatest or worst trait of New York City is the perceived unfriendliness of its residents. Indeed, after the 9/11 attacks, many human interest stories focused on how New Yorkers were opening up to one another. That stereotype is somewhat true. We walk around the crowded streets avoiding eye contact, shoving old ladies and tourists out of our way. We stand shoulder to shoulder during rush hour on the subway looking into the air at nothingness or at the same subway ad for Baruch College. A social silence that is occasionally punctuated by some guy, undoubtedly wearing a Wankees hat, trying to get into a full subway car yelling, "Make some FUCKIN' ROOM! MOVE IN." However, every once in awhile, a rare moment will occur that breaks down the wall and armor every New Yorker wears. That moment happened to me earlier today. I was in the subway coming back uptown to my apartment and was listening to my iPod. When I listen to music, I'm one of those "head boppers." I can't just listen to music without boppin' my head and tappin' my feet. I was rocking out (not with my cock out because it's too fucking cold outside fo' that) to some quality soul from James Brown. I was standing up in the car, holding onto the railing and bopping my head along to the music and when I looked over I noticed this guy who strongly resembled Fat Joe. He, too was nodding his head along to whatever he was listening to through his headphones. The exact moment at which I glanced over at him, he too glanced over at me. And we both realized that despite listening (most likely) to two different songs, we were nodding our head along at the same beat. And rather than looking away as so often is the case, we nodded at each other and bopped our head along to the music. The moment sounds kind of gay. But it wasn't. It was straight gangsta.
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