Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Tuesday Night Event FYI

Not sure if I am going to this tonight, but I'm sure some of ya'll fellow residents of New York City might be interested: DJ Jazzy Jeff and Peanut Butter Wolf When: Tue 1.25 (10pm) Where: Eleven (152 Orchard St, 212.979.2240) Price: FREE w/ RSVP Though millions remember him for his shoulder-and-snap handshake on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, not to mention getting tossed from the Banks' manse like a rag doll, DJ Jazzy Jeff is a far more accomplished turntablist than sitcom personality (check "Brand New Funk" from his Fresh Prince days; you can thank us later). On 2004's Hip Hop Forever II, his first mix CD, Jazzy deftly beatmatches Nas, Raekwon, Black Moon, Pete Rock, Cypress Hill, and the Pharcyde, cross-fading 20 years of moody hip-hop like a daydream. Peanut Butter Wolf — hip-hop's Alan Lomax — shares the booth with Jazzy tonight. (YS) Note: Admission is available only with RSVP, and early arrival is recommended.
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