Friday, February 18, 2005

Coopted Fashion By Barneys

Today was the start of the famous bi-annual Barney's warehouse sale at their Coop store. I'm a dirty whore for clothing and particularly "cool" clothing at 50 percent and more discount, so after my morning class, I trekked down to W. 17th Street to bump elbows with other New Yorkers at Barneys. For those of you who haven't ever gone, it's simply madness; imagine a pack of wild animals fighting over a tiny pond of water in the desert and it's something like that. On my way there, I saw these three birds just sorta chillin' out: I like how the middle one has his chest all puffed up Main coop entrance to right Mens section is in the dingy basement downstairs... My Purchases aka New Additions to Matteo Tee Shirt Collection:
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