Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Cracking The Da Vinci Pedophile Code

Must be a slow news day at MSNBC for them to put this article on their front page warning parents about the secret language of today's youth:
She did everything right. Her 14-year-old daughter's computer was in the living room. She even peeked over her shoulder once in a while during the girl's avid instant message chats to make sure nothing unusual was going on. But the girl fell into a steamy Internet love affair with a 35-year-old man anyway. The mother was horrified and confused: How could this happen? The family computer contained little evidence of the affair -- until the mother brought it to a police officer who spoke the right language. Instant message shorthand was to blame, he told her. Her daughter and the 35-year-old were so proficient at that cryptic language often spoken by cell phone text message users (r u there?) that they were having the affair right under the mother's nose.
Our kids! Our kids! Who will save our kids?? And in a case of activist journalism, MSNBC also provided a helpful cheat sheet for parents to assist them in deciphering the codes: A/S/L Age/Sex/Location AWGTHTGTTA Are We Going To Have To Go Through This Again BOHICA Bend Over Here It Comes Again CRTLA Can't Remember the Three-Letter Acronym CTC Choking The Chicken ESO Equipment Smarter than Operator GLYASDI God Loves You And So Do I GYPO Get Your Pants Off NIFOC Nude (naked) In Front Of The Computer NYCFS New York City Finger Salute OLL On-Line Love POS Parent Over Shoulder QT Cutie RTBS Reason To Be Single RUMORF Are You Male Or Female SOHF Sense Of Humor Failure SSEWBA Someday Soon, Everything Will Be Acronyms I wouldn't be surprised if Jennifer 8. Lee covers this in the next couple weeks.
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