Sunday, February 13, 2005

Early V-Day Dinner

Some of you know and some of you don't but Jess came to visit me here in NYC for Valentine's Day weekend. Unfortunately, with V-Day technically falling on Monday and she'll have to go back to law school that day, we celebrated an early Valentines Day dinner at Asiate located in the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Columbus Circle. The restaurant is located on the 35th floor, so it provides a nice 30 million dollar view of Manhattan. The amuse bouche was this palate-tastic tempura grape in edamame sauce: Fucking amazing For appetizers, Jess had the seered fois gras with eel which was fatteningly delicious: Mmmm...liver ...and I had the lump crab meat with fennel foam in a spicy bisque, which was most likely one of the top 10 greatest things I've ever eaten in the history of Matteo: Krusty Krab is so tasty Main entree for Jess meant battered guinea fowl leg over Chinese greens and root with chestnuts and wood ear mushrooms and a side of vanilla sticky rice mashed potatoes: Leg of goodness And the man had of course, meat or rather, wagyu beef with oxtail sauce. MEAT. YES Finally and lastly, desserts. Desserts are usually my favorite part of a multi-course meal and mine did not disappoint. I had chocolate fondant: And Jess had the mango souffle with passion fruit sauce and sticky rice sorbet: In sum, the food is fabulous and the view is great, but the table you get is important in that regard. The actual service during dinner was flawless if not a little cold. The waiters felt more like food service clinicians but I really couldn't complain about having to wait too long. This may have been an anomaly but the maitre d was bit of an ass when we got there. No, she was a bitch and that pissed me off. But after cooling off with a few glasses of wine, the rest of the experience was great. So that was V Day dinner for yours truly.
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