Wednesday, February 16, 2005

A Few more Pictures of NYC Fun

Some of ya'll hated on it, but I stand firmly in support of the Central Park Gates. Go see them if you haven't yet. They are only gonna be up for...another 14 days, I think. Anyhoo. Here are a few more pictures from the walk through CP: Bethasda Fountain: Hey, Cat-- You can get to this place easily through the E. 71st entrance I think Jess took this picture This is really one of my favorite places in Central Park Jess and Me As we were walking through the park, we suddenly came upon this huge crowd focusing with binoculars and such on a ritzy Park Ave apartment building outside of the park. Turns out they were all there to check out the famous hawk who was almost evicted from his nest at the pricey building: See the dot?... Yay, the hawk! THE NEXT DAY ...We went to Chinatown for lunch and came across the finish of the Chinese New Year's parade. As if Chinatown isn't already crowded with tourists on weekends, this past Sunday afternoon was insane: Crowds Kids having fun with confetti Some 'rock' band performing...They look like Columbia students Man chillin' We finally got to the restaurant which is one of my favorite spots in Chinatown, but the wait was nearly an hour. Thank goodness for my iPod: Afterwards, I went to go pick up my new...Verizon cell phone. That's right boys and girls, no more shiT-Mobile for me. I now get reception all up in Butler Library. I'm not a fan however of getting charged 2 cents for every text message I receive. Doesn't seem fair somehow. Anyhoo, same number: Ma' new phone. I actually fucking paid 5 bucks to download Tetris on it. I need my games, man And then, Jess left the next day. Before she took off, she brought me a little present or rather a large present: an entire whole Junior's cheesecake [Insert "Arsenio Hall whoot whoot" right here]: MMM Yummy in my (fat) tummy
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