Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Joining The Club of Ridiculously Good Looking Nerds

I really should be studying as I'm a week behind in my readings, but instead Friendster and Xanga is forcing me to procrastinate. Yes, forcing me. I have no free will. I am a slave to the screen and keyboard in front of me. I was invited to join the "Hot Ivy Leaguer" group on Friendster. There's something paradoxical about that term. I don't know if many people would associate "hotness" with "Ivy Leaguer." Based on what I've seen, Columbia ain't too pretty. The prettiest thing around campus is probably Low Library. I kid. Seriously though, Columbia kids enjoy wearing their sweats and shapeless hoodies around campus. Brown definitely had a much more attractive population. In the end though, I think being a "hot Ivy Leaguer" is akin to winning first place at the Special Olympics.
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