Monday, February 14, 2005

Saturday Night Out: The White Rabbit and Kimchi Hotdogs

(Again, warned: Lotsa pictures. I'm that vain.) Despite being exhausted from all the walking in Central Park, Jess and I decided to go out. We met up with ma' "boyz" at the 3rd Floor Cafe in K-Town: Me, Kaizar, Cyrus Cyrus has no shame about his propensity or rather deep love affair with fruity ass girly drinks. I have to admire that because...I love them as well And this boy needs to buy some new threads. His "going out" clothing includes this "Free Palestine" tee shirt: After a few drinks, we decide to bounce from the K-Town lounge. The crew for the night: Jess, Me, Cyrus, Kaizar, Mike Squeezing five into a cab (Only four are legally allowed into cabs) using the patented one person hail a cab while the fifth person hides and when the cab pulls up, everyone bum rushing the back seat so the cab driver doesn't notice the fifth person method, we headed to the Lower East Side to the bar, White Rabbit. The last time I was at the White Rabbit, I somehow managed to get home and pass out on my bed with all my clothing and lights on. At the White Rabbit, more drinking ensued: Mike working the phones like a baller...or rather working the phones to get the gal he's recently started dating to come out and join us...Check out my "check-this-fool-out" look God, the papparazzi can be so annoying Jess and I and a thumbs up Mike's gal does indeed show up (A big "Arsenio Hall whoop whoop to Mike") and they demonstrate two very interesting poses. Note, the blond gal in the picture above with Mike was the "Swede" from last weekend (See "When Models Attack" entry). That night, Mike ended up getting the digits from her and the rest is history. For a moment, I thought Cyrus was that delicious kimchi hotdog I had been craving all night Kaizar's "Free Palestine" tee shirt evokes more interest from Mike While Mike and Kaizar discussed the finer aspects of getting the digits of a woman, Cyrus and I "lean'd back" to..."Lean Back"...: It ain't cristal, but Amstel Light is pretty gangsta Mike and Kaizar discussing stuff This picture makes me laugh We ended up leaving the White Rabbit and heading over to the hipster depot at Max Fish. Kaizar and Cyrus disappeared to get food at famous Katz's Deli around the corner. Mike's gal, "Katrine" and I discussed our love for video games and our desire to go to Japan for their arcades. We all eventually parted ways for the night around 3 AM. Jess and I headed to the kimchi hotdog man. Kaizar and Cyrus met up with us on our way out. YUMMY Some random guy, Kaizar, and Cyrus. The greatest thing about this picture is Cyrus. Look at how fucking miserable he is out there in the cold. It was effing cold later that night Cyrus was also getting slightly belligerent as the wait for the food seemed to drag on and on: "I've got MONEY!!" After the inhaling of sub-sanitary street food, we headed over to regular party spot, La Caverna to meet up with Kevin Chew or aka "Ahhhhchewy": Me and Kev And with that, the night was over. The End.
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