Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Saturday Night Recap: Celebration of Me

First, I'd like to thank everyone that came out last night to my party. I know it was a hike for some of ya'll and with the cold weather and all, it was groovy that ya'll came downtown or crossed the river to The Party Celebrating Matteo. It was very good to see everyone. And for those of ya'll that didn't come out. You are dead to me. Anyhoo, on to the pictures (Thanks to Kaizar for bringing his camera). Kaizar, Cyrus, Erin and I met up before dinner at the Third Floor Cafe for a few drinks: Erin, Me, Cyrus, Kaizar Afterwards, we headed over to KumGangSan in K-Town for some delicious food of my peoples. Kaizar, His big hair, and me I was excited about my food but clearly Cyrus didn't quite share my enthusiasm: After dinner, in a rare bit of luxury, we took a cab to Botanica ("Favoritist Matteo Bar Ever"). BURRRP During the cab ride, conversation and laughs were had: And Erin wanted to know what the ha ha's were about: We got to the bar and friends and people were there. Houston on Saturday night felt like Brown Class of 2002 reunion. Within 10 seconds of getting out of the cab, we ran across some fellow 02 Brunonians. And once in the bar, we discovered that there was another person from Brown who was having their birthday party in the exact same bar as yours truly. Soon after our arrival, I noticed a guy who walked into the bar and he looked vaguely familiar. Yup, of all C-List celebrities, The Bachelor aka The Man of Brilliant Teeth aka Jesse Palmer made an appearance. Bastard was trying to get in on my night to shine. A-hole. The saddest thing about it all was that I was the first one to notice him and worse, know who he is. In my defense, I recognized him only from the commercials. I have never actually watched an entire episode of The Bachelor. He doth protest too much... ANYHOO. A bunch of Brown and Columbia kids were there. Alas I don't have pictures of most of them. At one point in the bar, Kaizar suddenly yelled, "Camera! Must take pictures!" With that, he disappeared and reappeared a second later holding his camera above the masses and started snapping away. The next two pictures below are whatever, except note the two random gals talking to one another in the background. They are just talking... And then in the very next shot, Random Girl number 2 turns and poses with a smile for Kaizar's camera: Smile! The most bizarre moment of the night however, were these two girls who slept/passed out on this couch the entire night we were there. What do I do? Well, I pose next to them like a tourist in front of Bethesda fountain: I didn't want to wake them, so I sat on the arm of the sofa An hour later, they were still sleeping, so I decided to make three's company: More drinking, ensued and so on and so on.
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