Friday, February 18, 2005

Thursday Night: Beer Mishap

Last night, my buddy Patrick came up for a little bit of drinking and Halo 2...make that, a lot of drinking and Halo 2. First however, we went to the Columbia GSAS mixer at Philosophy Hall which was bumpin' (as "bumpin'" as it can get with a buncha Ph.D and M.A. students) with a couple kegs and wine and food, although by the time we got there all the poor starving grad students had eaten most of the food. Bastards. Anyway, we stayed there for awhile, parked next to the kegs. On our way home, we decided to stop by the grocery store for some food and a six pack of beer to take back to my apartment. Beer and Halo 2. Can it get any better? I submit it cannot. However, upon arriving in my apartment, Patrick made a horrifying discovery: The beer purchased...was in fact...:
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