Wednesday, February 23, 2005


My week thus far has been relatively uneventful. And if my liver was Marth Stewart, she'd say, "That's a good thing." I drank way too much. And although I went for a run today, I think I would have to run a marathon to burn off all the beer imbibed by me this past weekend. According to If you consume an average of 3 mixed drinks on three different nights a week, you will gain a pound every two weeks! That's my PSA (public service announcement) for all you drunk alcoholic fatties out reading this. That's why I drink Michelob Ultra. Not. My drinks of choice: Amstel Light and Goose & Tonic. The same website argues that even during social situations -- to not gain weight -- women should limit their drink to one drink per day. This would also negate the beer goggle effect for women. And that's a good or bad thing depending on your perspective. Interesting stuff, right? Anyhoo. I know rumors are flying around that Apple is releasing new mini-ipods very soon (eg. Tomorrow perhaps). Although I'm excited at seeing what's coming, I feel a little sick to my stomach because I just received mine a month ago as a birthday present...and although I totally heart it, I'm sure I'm going to covet the new mini's. That's the problem with technology: obsolescence. Speaking of technology, it is physically impossible for me to play Halo 2 on Xbox Live for less than at least two hours. I've tried firing it up for a quick 30 minute break 'fragging' random strangers...only to find myself forcing myself to turn off my Xbox a few hours later. If any of ya'll wanna take me on in the following games on Xbox Live, hit me up. My gamertag is "MattRod." I have these games for on-line play: Halo 2 (of course). Guilty Gear X2 Project Gotham Racing 2 Top Spin I'm a dork. Speaking of being a nerdork, I was in the library tonight and these two kids sitting across from me were goofing around and the girl stuck gum on the guy's arm. You're thinking, "whatever." Except this guy had mad hairy arms and they ended up spending the next hour trying to pick the gum off his arm hair, around which his skin was bright red. Memo to ya'll: Don't stick gum on anyone. This reminds me of high school when some girl put gum in this guy's hair. He had to cut it off. Doh. Actually, I heard peanut butter will get gum out of hair. In other news, in the world of Asian American related issues going on, one of my favoritist bloggers, the Angry Asian Man hits us up with a couple items:
:: Yao Ming opens a restaurant in Houston. That would be Houston, Texas. Not Houston Street in downtown Manhattan. Oh yea, and it will serve Chinese food. In case you were wondering. :: There's a new "Asian-culture" magazine coming to a news stand near you in March. It's titled Theme. Hopefully this one will stick around longer than 6 months... :: The dope actor, Kal Penn from Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle is going to be in the new "Superman" movie. Yay for Asians in Hollywood. Fo' reals.
Okay, here are a few funny/sad/crazy pictures from yahoo news: And lastly, I'm REALLY FUCKING EXCITED ABOUT THIS (and I'm putting in all caps just in case you don't understand the extent of my EXCITEMENT): The movie adaption of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy featuring....Mos Def and TIM FROM "THE OFFICE!" This guy (who I always call by his character's name from the BBC genius show, The Office") is rapidly becoming my favorite actor. See the trailer here.
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