Monday, June 26, 2006


[WARNING: Lots of pictures and words] Friday was uneventful. Sat at home and worked on a couple cover letters. On Saturday Jessica and I drove out to Gloucester, Massachusetts for Winer's engagement party. Fun Gloucester Trivia: - Gloucester was used as the setting for the hit film featuring Marky Mark, "The Perfect Storm." - Gloucester used to be a very well-known area for the import of drugs, especially heroin. Until the 80's it was known as the "heroin capital of the United States," until Baltimore apparently beat it out for the title. Fishermen are very often involved in smuggling drugs into the little city, in which they are later distributed to other bigger cities, such as nearby Boston. - According to the 2000 census, with a total population of approx. 30,000 people, 96.99% of Gloucester is white, 1.48% Hispanic or Latino, 0.72% Asian, 0.61% African American, 0.12% Native American, and 0.02% Pacific Islander. - Whoopi Goldberg summers in Gloucester and tends bar at Captain Carlos'. During the summers, the black population of Goucester jumps from 0.61% to 1.2%. Enough with the factoids. On to exciting Hallmark pictures. Gloucester, MA 2 On the drive through the town to the house. The weather was solidly in the median of the crappy meteorological forecast. Very overcast. But if you squint, you can make out the (ginormous) beachfront houses. Gloucester, MA View of foggy water. Yay. Jess walking We were one of the first guests at the house. After we mingled for a bit, we decided to check out the backyard (how sick is that? Oh wait, it's too foggy to see anything) and to... Matteo Jumps jump! Haha. When I was younger, my parents prohibited this sort of childish and unruly behavior in public. Jessica Jumps Jessica shows off her new bag. Gucci? More like Chintzy. Just kidding. Captain Morgan The Captain definitely makes an appearance wherever alcohol is available--but drink responsibly and don't drink and steer. Har har. The squishing hand of god. Jumping gets a little old. So how 'bout the ol' hand of god photo? fighting the squish Ha ha. Posing like this can make one feel like an idiot, but look at the result, people! Art requires sacrifice including one's pride. drip drop At least the rain lets me take "oooh, I'm going to use the macro feature to take artsy photos of dew drops" photos like this. Now sing with me! Rain drops on roses... peace "Um, I think all this water isn't too good for these chairs..." pop color the question Since the weather wasn't cooperating, the color that day was provided by plates and napkins. lobster bibs can't prevent all accidents Drew (I think that's his name)looking down at his shirt that now needs to be laundered after his lobster demonstrates its overall unhappiness with getting cooked alive by squirting on him. poor guy Poor fella. I care about the humane treatment of animals and therefore, I had the steak instead. post-attack What lobster nightmares are made of. I was going to make a joke here about Sebastian from Little Mermaid but then I thought one of you would annoyingly point out that Sebastian is a crab and not a lobster. Jesse' sister, Steph and Steph's friend Look at all the old people in the background. Haha. Anyone under the age of 30 was seated at our table. Stephanie (middle) escaping her hosting duties by hanging out with us young folk. Groom and his men Winer (middle) with his two groomsmen. Drew will be responsible for booking the group parachuting event and I'm responding for holding onto all the single dollar bills. Just kidding...about the parachuting. As I told Jessica: Minorities don't jump out of planes willingly. I'm not showing my pearly whites here because I thought I had corn stuck between my teeth. After dinner, the happy couple went to the backyard for some... jump jumps! Haha. Winer making his people look good by demonstrating that Jewish people can indeed "get some air." missed hi 5 Stephanie and Winer going for an airborne high five. Barish-na-cough Winer channeling the great ballet dancer, Baryishnikov (I know I destroyed the spelling--oh well). Bruce Willis Jumps Even Bruce Willis got into the spirit of things there and went for his own jump. Not bad for an old guy. Steph and Jesse The happy couple posing in front of their pride week supporting table cloth. Har har. I remember when we were just dorky freshmen and although I was initally totally confused because I thought Winer was Canadian (turns out he was just another Masshole), we quickly became friends, particularly over our mutual love of the movie, "Swingers." One day in college, we were eating in the "Ratty" and we tried to coerce Winer to get up on the table and renact the same scene from Swingers where Trent (played by a pre-Aniston and then-nobody Vince Vaughn) after a night of drinking with his boys, stands up on the table in the diner, takes off his shirt, waves it around and pronounces to everyone that his boy "Mickey"--who got a girl's phone number that night--was "all growns up now." Well, Winer assured us that he'd do it when he was good and drunk during Spring Weekend, but he never did follow through with it--Kind of like the promise I made to myself every semester that I'd do some community service, which remained just that--a promise. We are no longer freshmen in college, but I think I can safely say that Winer is now truly all growns up. A neurosurgury career and a wedding around the next corner is evidence of that. I know you read this, so congratulations, man. Just like the way you used to clean up after my 2 am Ramen dinners, I'll be there to clean up after you at your bachelor party. I'm kidding. No matter how mature and how "growns up" you may be getting, you're still going to be the Batman loving, Boxy Volvo driving, Swedish fish eating Canuck to me. Congratulations Jesse (and Stephanie)! Whether you know him or not, leave your best xanga wishes to him here in the guestbook section. UNRELATEDLY Congrats as well to Chris for his stellar performance on Jeopary (Previously blogged about here). Check him out on Monday.

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