Monday, July 03, 2006


(Via) With my cat allergies, these two cats could totally kick my ass. But they are so cute, I wouldn't mind.


(Via) Hui Ping Wang, a New Jersey woman, was returning from a trip to China with her husband when feds at JFK airport, thinking her a fugitive, arrested Ms. Wang. She was held at Rikers Island for eight days. The catch?
Hui Ping Wang and her husband, Jiang Hong, pointed out that the fugitive had a different middle name, a different address, date of birth and Social Security number, according to a lawsuit filed in Brooklyn Federal Court. Also, a photo attached to the warrant did not resemble Wang, the suit brought by Wang and Hong states.
So yea, it was a case of mistaken identity and now the Wangs are suing every government agency involved. I say, sue on girlfriend! To read more...Click Here.


Here's Sisqo making a recent appearance at some PR event (looks like LG). Has it really been that long since the summer of thong, thong, thong? That summer, it seemed as though this man was on every channel (well, if the channels were limited to MTV and BET). Looks like he's been keeping up his membership at Equinox, but if I was him, I'd spend less time doing ab crunches with my solarshockflex machine and instead, put in more quality time at the studio. I know the "Thong Song" was popular, but it wasn't that popular. Hell if MC Hammer and Michael Jackson can go bankrupt, so can damn Sisqo. Unrelatedly, am I the only one that thinks Sisqo is also downlow? (Hey that rhymed!)


(Via) The dog wants some of what the cat is eating and the cat is all like, "Aw hell no bitch. I ain't going down like that. Talk to ma' paw. Talk to ma' mothafuckin' paw! You wanna eat some of this? Eat my mothafuckin' paw like the little bitch that you are!" (Click on image if it doesn't appear to be moving)


(Via) If you've want an answer to a question, just dial 212-340-0849 between Monday and Saturday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Your call will be answered by one of ten telephone reference research librarians at the New York Public Library.
A schoolboy once asked if there were "cultural institutions" close to Coney Island. The researcher asked why. Because, said the frustrated youth, "I want to go to Coney Island today, but my father says I have to do something cultural first." [...] The reference service has been around, in a limited way, for as long as telephones have been available in homes. But it was only in 1968 that the service was organized as a separate library unit. Today, it can be found in a quiet room at the Mid-Manhattan branch at 455 Fifth Avenue, catercorner to the main branch with the two stone lions, Patience and Fortitude. Phones don't ring there; they light. The 10 researchers range in age from their 20s to 60s and have degrees in elementary education, chemistry, mechanical engineering and criminal justice, as well as one PhD in English literature. [...] Under library rules, each inquiry must be answered in less than five minutes, meaning the caller gets an answer or somewhere to go for an answer--like a specialty library, trade group or Web site. Researchers cannot call back questioners. The deadline is meant, in part, to focus the staffer's attention. "Otherwise," Shalat said, "once we get going, we would never stop." Almost all telephone calls are in English, although researchers can get by in Chinese, Spanish, German and some Yiddish. Specialty libraries, like the Slavic and Baltic division, can lend a hand with, say, Albanian.
that sounds like a pretty interesting job. Ken Jennings of Jeopardy fame should work there. To read more...Click Here


I don't want to ruin your weekend, but Paris Hilton has released another song.


I saw Superman in DIGITALLL PROJECTION-TION-TION on Thursday night. Digital Projection isn't IMAX, but the clarity is pretty sweet. So, while the dialogue occasionally dipped into the cheesy territory (although I suspect this is unavoidable when making a movie based on a comic book character, particularly one that wears red and blue tights), it was a pretty super movie. If you haven't seen it, I highly recommend you go check it out (and go early to get good seats). I just can't believe they actually killed him in the end. That's quite an ending. I'm curious as to how they will revive him in the (sure to be) sequel. And he's also totally gay. I mean, look for god's sake!--Rainbows from his fingertips:


This is an addendum to my recap below. In the restroom at the Japanese restaurant on St. Marks, someone wrote on the wall "I had sex with your mom." Below it, someone else rejoined, "Haha. The joke's on you. She has AIDS."


To say goodbye to Hussain before he embarks on his European adventure, Kaizar organized one final get together at to wish him well at Kush Lounge in LES. We walked in not knowing there were live performances (which incidentally were terrible) and we got ambushed for "suggested" donations. I guess I got my 2 dollars worth. Not. But despite that, the space in Kush is quite cool. Ya'll should check it out some weekend. Anyhoo. Just a few pictures from the night. K&M Hussain and Kaizar enjoying some puffing action. H & M Contrary to my disposition in this photo, I was having fun! M & L I title this photo: LOOK AT MY ELBOW BITCHES! Haha. Me chillin' with Kaizar's roommate Lauren. Lauren also brought her friend whose name is also Lauren (Lauren #2). As we all know, NYC can get pricey and most of us have to budget what we spend on drinks. So after a few drinks, Lauren #2 asks us whether we think it's cool if she busts out the vodka she had brought with her in her purse. I thought she meant those tiny bottles of alcohol that airlines will give you. Nope. This homegirl busts out a big ass Tupperware container: Tupperware Lauren keeps it real "country." After the party dispersed, Kaizar and I got some grub at St. Marks (Memo to self: If I eat chicken fried rice wrapped in an omelette after midnight, I will pay for it the next morning). And then we decided to play some pool so we walked to Houston but as soon as we got there, the place was closing. Then we got some dessert at a bodega and headed home via the 6.


(Via) I woulda thought Future would date a better girl than some import car model:


(Via) I think it's time for Britney to get a new publicist. An upcoming Harper's Bazaar features a naked and very pregnant Britney on the cover along with a photospread inside. I think Harpers should rename the magazine Bizarre. Har har har. These pictures might be NSFW, so if your boss if looking over your shoulder, skip this one. Yuck. The freelance photoshopper on this assignment was reportedly paid a million dollars and Britney's next baby (I know it's medically impossible, but her third child will be due in three months). Also, Demi Moore released a terse statement to the press that said, "Britney Spears is a copycat and a whore."


On Monday night, I made a bit of a last minute visit to West 27th Street and met up with Lauren and Mike. Lauren's friend was working the door at BED. IMG_7126.JPG Mike says "Wha?? Going out on a Monday night??" IMG_7123.JPG Mike and Lauren getting their groove on. IMG_7127.JPG Word association? Unfortunate. IMG_7128.JPG Dude rocking the cane. IMG_7129.JPG The ladies apparently love the cane and leg brace. Cane man told us (Said he was a promoter--Who isn't a promoter in this City?) that the hot party that night was at Cain down the street. Once we got there, there was definitely a crowd trying to get in. Cane man acted like he was all hooked up, but his crippled ass had to wait in line just like everyone else. He was only let in after he bought a table (6 Benjis). At some point, Mike, Lauren and I had waited so long to get in at Cain that we couldn't leave. So we waited patiently. Twice they announced that the doors were "closed." Liars! Haha. One girl started yelling at the bouncers and door people that they were racist and only letting in white people. As if on cue, this skinny white dude comes marching up, unhooks the rope himself and lets himself in. The crazy bitch starts going off right then and there about this white dude. Apparently he had been in there already and had a "stamp," but that didn't matter to crazy woman. The door people tried stopping the white dude to make him show his stamp. He waved them off and walked in to the club while muttering about how "ridiculous this was." White privilege right there. Haha. This same chick reappeared 20 minutes later and tried to walk in because she now had a 'stamp.' The bouncers and the doorwoman told her they remembered her and she wasn't getting in at all tonight. In her defense, they were letting in some really wack people but hey, if I was running a place where people were willing to pay 600 minimum for a table, I'd let in Pol Pot if he was willing to throw down his credit card. Another guy erupted at one of the door guys because he couldn't get in either. This dude went off. He started yelling about how he's got 50 g's around his wrist and how if he ever ran into the door dude, he'd "wreck" him. This guy then came back into the line to show off his watch (It WAS shiny and heavy looking) worth 50 g's (according to him). And while I couldn't quite see what it was, he pulled out some sketchbook to show his stuff. Lauren and Mike saw it. We were thinking why the hell he was carrying a sketchbook. When he eventually left, his final parting shot to the door dude was "And you ain't even pretty." Hahaha. OUCH! Eventually, they would only let in two of us, which is wack. Defeated we finally left. I've never really waited in line to get in anywhere so this was a first for me. Chalk it up for a NYC memory. And you ain't even pretty!


I logged onto the main website for the Superman Returns movie to double check when it opens and on the site, it had a link to its Myspace page prominently placed on the front page. So I clicked on it (No worries Moye--No pink). Superman is not only faster than a speeding bullet, but he can also obtain friends faster than anyone I know. He currently has 63,172 friends (and counting...). He's so popular. Anyway, I noticed that this movie is also playing in "Digital Projection" at some theaters. I don't know what this means, but it sounds pretty bad ass. And in related comic book-to-movie news, check out the first trailer for Spiderman 3 here. It looks sweet, but I'm not sure how they are going to incorporate the rather abstruse and even bizarre (to those uninitiated to the comic book world) origin of Venom. I just got a community card that says "Skip go and do not collect 200 dollars" for being such a dork. Well, I doubt either movie will beat Aquaman's opening weekend numbers.


Life is indeed stranger than fiction. Evidence: A girl with a phobia of pickles. Yup, pickles.


Nicole sent me this and it amused me. Rush Limbaugh was detained at the airport for possessing some Viagra without a prescription.
U.S. Customs and Border Protection examined the 55-year-old radio commentator’s luggage after his private plane landed at the airport from the Dominican Republic, said Miller. The matter was referred to the sheriff’s office, whose investigators interviewed Limbaugh. According to Miller, Limbaugh said that the Viagra was for his use, and that he obtained it from his doctors. Investigators confiscated the drugs, which treats erectile dysfunction, and Limbaugh was released without being charged. The sheriff’s office plans to file a report with the state attorney’s office. Miller said it could be a second-degree misdemeanor violation.
His source is probably Bill Clinton. To read more...Click Here--although you probably don't want to read more about this at all.

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