Monday, July 03, 2006


To say goodbye to Hussain before he embarks on his European adventure, Kaizar organized one final get together at to wish him well at Kush Lounge in LES. We walked in not knowing there were live performances (which incidentally were terrible) and we got ambushed for "suggested" donations. I guess I got my 2 dollars worth. Not. But despite that, the space in Kush is quite cool. Ya'll should check it out some weekend. Anyhoo. Just a few pictures from the night. K&M Hussain and Kaizar enjoying some puffing action. H & M Contrary to my disposition in this photo, I was having fun! M & L I title this photo: LOOK AT MY ELBOW BITCHES! Haha. Me chillin' with Kaizar's roommate Lauren. Lauren also brought her friend whose name is also Lauren (Lauren #2). As we all know, NYC can get pricey and most of us have to budget what we spend on drinks. So after a few drinks, Lauren #2 asks us whether we think it's cool if she busts out the vodka she had brought with her in her purse. I thought she meant those tiny bottles of alcohol that airlines will give you. Nope. This homegirl busts out a big ass Tupperware container: Tupperware Lauren keeps it real "country." After the party dispersed, Kaizar and I got some grub at St. Marks (Memo to self: If I eat chicken fried rice wrapped in an omelette after midnight, I will pay for it the next morning). And then we decided to play some pool so we walked to Houston but as soon as we got there, the place was closing. Then we got some dessert at a bodega and headed home via the 6.
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